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GEOS English Academy - Brighton

Study for 9 months, Get up to 4 weeks FREE accommodation

GEOS English Academy - Brighton

Location: Brighton

It takes 15 minutes to reach to the city centre by bus and the school is just 8 minutes walking distance from the beach.

Close to the school is George Street where you can find everything pretty much you will need: for example a variety of shopping centres, cafes, pharmacies, bars, mobile phone shops, travel agencies, currency exchange kiosks.

Poets’ Corner is another famous area in Brighton. The walking distance between the school and the accommodation where students stay varies between 2 and 25 minutes.

There are 18 different classrooms in the school. There are big rooms with LCD televisions and white curtains for use as a screen with a DVD player. This arrangement is used where classes are large.

Other facilities of the school include a Study Centre and a library. It is possible to obtain a wide range of books and videos there.

The speciality of the school is the Listening Centre/Language Lab, This facility enables you to practice your English using thousands of audio resources both in the class and individually.

There are 13 computers in the school for free of charge use by students. In addition the school provides free internet connection.

The school also has a kitchen which students can use for preparing everyday meals or something for a party. Students are able to party in the beautiful large garden and have a barbecue.


Besides General English Courses which consist of  21 and 15 hours a week, there are also summertime courses.

Students can start their course on a Monday, their English level being determined by an exam.

For further information and course fees please visit the school website:                     www.geos-brighton.com

Promotion:  Up to 4 weeks FREE accommodation if you study more than 7 months.

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