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Kings School of English

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Kings School of English

Location: Bournemouth

Kings Group has been offering quality education since 1957 in London, Bournemouth and Oxford.  The Kings Group belongs to the Prime Education Group.

Kings School – Bournemouth: The school’s own building is on Poole Road and is 10 minutes from the town centre. Its lessons are provided in contemporary classrooms, and there is free wireless internet connection, study spaces and two cafeterias. Additionally the school has a balcony and a huge garden. There are also basketball and volleyball courts and excursions are organized at the weekends.


The school accepts students who are older than 14 years old.

There are 20 hours per week General English Programmes and 28 hours per week Intensive English Programmes. The most popular programmes are the International Diploma which lasts 3 terms or 33 weeks and the English school.

The school offers one-to-one courses for people who wish to learn English face to face.

There are also IELTS courses which consist of 27 lessons a week.

A Foundation Course is also offered and this course lasts for a year. Students who are older than17 years can join this course and the students who finish this course successfully are able to enrol with one of the universities which Kings School of English working with.
Between June and July, there are summer schools organized for students between the ages of 10 and 16.

For further information and course fees please visit the school website : www.kingscolleges.com

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