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Lingua Learn - Brighton

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Lingua Learn - Brighton

Location: Brighton

Brighton and Hove are located on the south coast of the UK and boast the warmest climate of any town in  the UK. Brighton is known for the early arrival of spring, soft breezes and hot weather in summer.

Brighton is the most energetic, lively, colourful and creative town in the UK. It is distinguishes itself with its cosmopolitan, energetic, original, historical, young, exotic and independent outlook. An exciting night life, award-winning restaurants, the arts, culture festivals and special activities are just some examples of the attractions of Brighton.

If you are willing to improve your English in a warm and friendly atmosphere and with high standards, Lingua Brighton would be happy to help. The school is in Hove, an historic location and with outstanding traditional British architecture. The school is just a few minutes from shops, restaurants, cafeterias and bars.

There are large and comfortable classrooms in the school and a common room in which students are able to relax during breaks and after class, chat, watch DVDs, connect to Internet and enjoy the free coffee service.


Besides the General English courses, the IELTS and Cambridge exam preparation courses are also offered. In addition, students can take 5 individual lessons a week.

The students can start the  course on any  Monday. Once you have submitted your English level test on your first day at the school, you will be put into a class with students at a similar level of English.

For further information and course fees please visit the school website :  www.lingualearnenglish.com

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