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Living in the UK

Live in with the most multinational Country in the World

Living in the UK

The United Kingdom is an island on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean and separated from the northwest coast of mainland Europe by the English Channel and the North Sea. The UK covers an area of 244.100 km2.

The capital of the United Kingdom is London.

However, there are capital cities of each country within the  UK. The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh, the capital of Wales is Cardiff, the capital of Northern Ireland is Belfast and the capital of England is London. In addition, there are also islands such as Guernsey and Jersey.

All of these countries together are called the United Kingdom.

Throughout much of its history the UK has been an innovator in the political, social and technological fields.

The UK’s climate of UK is unlike that of many other parts of the world in that you can seem to experience multiple seasons in just one day. Overall the climate is mild, both in winter and summer, influenced as it is by its position in the path of the Gulf Stream.

The majority of the population of the UK are British. The population has grown through immigration from Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and the West Indies. Migrants from all over the world can be seen in the UK.

Modern English is principally a blend of ancient Anglo-Saxon, Danish and Norman French, but includes words from many other cultures as well.

Today, the UK a parliamentary democracy with a constitutional monarch. The King or Queen is the head of state.

Traditional British cuisine does not have a strong reputation overseas but in reality enjoys a  rich tradition with many regional delicacies. Because of the diversity of immigration into the country the sheer variety of cuisines available in the UK’s restaurants is staggering.

Pub culture is popular in UK. ‘Pub’ is short for ‘Public House’ and British people chat and eat traditional pub meals whilst drinking beer. Pubs are normaly open between 9:00-24:00.

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