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LSI - Brighton

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LSI - Brighton

Location: Brighton

Brighton is known for its proximity to London and its warm climate compared with other parts of Britain. The town has long been a first preference for students, especially language students, because of the many entertainment facilities, festivals and fun activities.

The beach is just 5 minutes from the school. Students are able to connect to Internet, study and spend their free time in the common room. The school’s Victorian building and its fantastic garden are definitely worth seeing.

The school is really close to the shops, restaurants, and train and bus stations. Transportation to everywhere, especially to London is easy and quick.


General English, Intensive English and exam preparation courses for TOEFL-TOEIC-IELTS are offered.

It is possible to begin your course on a Monday.Once you have submitted your English level test on your first day at the school, you will be put into a class with students at a similar level of English.

For further information and course fees please visit the school website: www.lsi.edu

Promotion: Up to 4 weeks FREE accommodation if you study more than 7 months.

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