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Masters Programs in the UK

Masters Programs start from £3950

Master Programs in the UK

It is a big step for study in a master  programme. Such programmes are growing in reputation every day, and help to improve your employment opportunities in the business world.

To study a master  programme in a particular subject, students do not have to complete their undergraduate degree in that area. Work experience is always an important asset.

Master programmes in the UK are gradually earning more respect and have become an important criteria for employability

50% of postgraduate students in many universities are international students.
There are more than 150 institutions that have master  programmes in the UK. Generally, master  programmes are designed to be full-time. This means that it is possible to graduate in a shorter time in the UK. Nevertheless, it can take longer in some institutions.

Master programmes in the UK first became famous in 1980s. The number of postgraduates from universities in the UK was equal to the number of graduates from all the universities in Europe at that time.

As the research of the MBA Association has shown, the annual salary of people who have graduated from an MBA course is about £55.000. Half of these people are doing managerial roles.

Master programmes usually start in September. However, they may also start in January at some universities.

To get an offer to continue to a postgraduate course in the UK, your minimum IELTS Score must be 6.5 and you must finish your undergraduate degree with high marks. Work experience is also a benefit.

The tuition fees for master  courses start from £13.000 annually. Some colleges co-operate with universities and run pre-Masters courses.

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