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Richard Language College

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Richard Language College

Location: Bournemouth

Bournemouth is the town which is sees the sun the more than any other in the UK and is the place with the warmest climate.

There are no transportation problems in Bournemouth. You can definitely stay away from the noise of the metropolitan cities and study in peace in Bournemouth which has many parks, shopping centres, restaurants, cafes and night clubs.

The school:

Richard Language College boasts 70 years’ experience, together highly qualified staff and a multicultural environment.

The school is an IELTS Centre and also offers English Preparatory Courses for Bournemouth University.

Students have the opportunity to meet students from different countries and have fun while they are studying English to improve their language abilities and communication in English.

The courses that the school offers will definitely help students get ready to continue to university or to higher education with the help of contemporary education techniques and the latest test techniques.


The school aims to teach English in the best way and English classes are focused on 8 different levels. Reading, speaking, listening and writing are considered separately and they are taught using different methods. Homework and individual projects that the students carry out are another opportunity available in the school. Teachers meet regularly to assess the weekly situation and to develop new ways to improve teaching techniques.


Long term English courses
Intensive Courses
Professional English Courses
One-to-one Courses
Exam Preparation Courses (Cambridge and IELTS)

For further information and for course fees: www.rlc-english-courses.com

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