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Studying English in the UK

6 Months General English Course from £1220

Studying English in the UK

More than 600.000 students come to the UK every year. This means that the UK is the best place to study English, because the schools have fine-tuned the courses they offer as a result of the experience they have gained over many long years.

Highly Trusted Education Provider: The British Government has delegated responsibility to the relevant schools and laid down some conditions which they have to meet in order to meet those responsibilities. The schools are visited by inspectors and those which meet the conditions were granted a licence. Every institution which has a licence is given a Highly Trusted Education Provider licence number and this must be mentioned on the student’s Visa Letter.

Language Schools:

Generally 15 lessons are given per week in language schools and lessons are usually 45 minutes long. There are also General English courses which include 20 lessons, and Intensive English courses which comprise of more than 20 lessons. Generally language courses start on a Monday. On the first day students take a test to assess their language ability and this defines in which class they should to study. Students can also undertake one-to-one English courses or English courses in an English teacher’s home.

InterCon UK represents schools which have an `Highly Trusted Education Provider` licence.

There is no cost difference between applying direct to schools or via InterCon UK.

InterCon UK services are always provided FREE of charge to students.

InterCon UK never request any fees from students who study in the UK.

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