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Accommodation in the UK

Accommodation in the UK

International students studying in the UK have many accommodation options.

We recommend language students stay with a family in their home. Your school or InterCon UK will put you in touch with a suitable family.

Students will be in a good position to continue learning English and get to know more about British culture whilst staying with a family.

Home stay accommodation is usually half-board.  There will be an orientation period which will vary according to individual circumstances.

InterCon UK can arrange host families for the students who are studying in Bournemouth. We use the same families regularly so they understand the needs of students. Should there be any problems InterCon UK can quickly find a new host family for the student.

Students are asked to fill in a form which determines the type of the family they want and they are placed according to their wishes.

Undergraduate students usually prefer to stay in student halls because of its advantages. Student halls are usually quite close to educational institutions and students can get used to the area, deciding where they would like to stay in the future and making many friends.

Student halls are designed to accommodate large numbers of students. Some student halls are only single-sex whilst others are mixed. Bedrooms are usually arranged around a kitchen.

Students who wish to be partly independent may prefer to rent a studio, a flat or a bedsit when they are in their second year. The demand for flats is incredibly high, but there are insufficient to meet this demand. InterCon UK is always ready to help students in their accommodation search.

It consists of a bed, a wardrobe and a desk. Kitchen, WC and shower are shared with roommates. The weekly rent is between £85-£100. This amount may increase during the summer period.

2 – Studio Flat: A studio flat covers a larger area than a bedsit and there is a small kitchen in it. WC and shower are inside the property and they are not shared.  The weekly rent is between £130-£140.

3 – Flat: Flat includes 1 or 2 bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. More than one person can be accommodated. The monthly rent is between £750 - £950.

4- Host Family: Host familoes provide accomodation with breakfast and dinner.Host family accommodation cost starts from £125 per week.

In this case kitchen expenses must also be considered. They are typically £40-£60.
After reaching an agreement with a landlord or landlady, a Tenancy Agreement must be signed. Do not sign a Tenancy Agreement before totally understanding it. After signing the agreement a deposit of one month’s rent is taken by the landlord.

Rental payments are usually made weekly and these must be shown in a Rent Book.

Please remember that this accommodation option can be expensive and that it can also be difficult to find suitable accommodation.

Please contact InterCon UK for further information by sending email to office@interconuk.org



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