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Course Fees + Living Costs in the UK

Course Fees + Living Costs

Course fees may vary according to the course that the student is studying. General information is given below.

Language Courses:

Language courses are delivered by Approved education providers. Language course fees start from weekly £50.

The course fees for some language schools are lower the longer the course is. In addition, some schools run promotional offers which offer special deals for some sessions.

Private State School  in the UK:

The cost of the programmes that start in September and finish in June and includes education and accommodation starts from £24,500.

University Preparation Courses in UK:

The cost of foundation courses starts from £5,900.

Undergraduate Degrees in UK:

University education programmes, except medicine, dentistry and architecture usually last 3 years. Tuition fees start from £13,000 annually.

Postgraduate Degrees in UK:

Postgraduate degree courses last 1 year and tuition fees start from £3,950.

For further information about the London School of Commerce which offers an MBA course with lower tuition fees: Click Here

The following are estimates of typical living expenses in the UK for 2019- 2020

Rent (Monthly) £280 - £590
Utilities (Monthly) £25  -  £40
Food (Weekly) £45 - £55
Peronal Hygiene £20 - £22
Dry Cleaning £5    - £9
Laundry (Montly, Laundrettes) £15 - £25
T- Shirts & Summer Shoes £6 - £30
Raincoats & Coats £10 - £55
Small Appliance £6 - £30
Course books ( Secand hand books may be half price) £30 -£70
Newspaper £0.90 - £3.50
Phone cards for telephone boxes £5 - £10 -£20
Restuarant meals  
...Lunch £5 - £10
...Dinner £20 - £50
Cinema Tickets £7 - £10
Theatre Tickets £10 - £30
Concert Tickets £8 - £25
Swimming Pool £4 - £6
Tennıs Sguash £5.50 - £6.50


If you have any questions or would like to learn more information please email to office@interconuk.org.Our team memeber will contact you shortly.

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