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UK State Schools

UK State Schools

For EU Nationals Only

UK State Boarding Schools provide both boarding and education to the children aged between 11 & 18. These schools are all members of the State Boarding Schools` Association and they provide free education.

Students are responsible fo paying the cost of boarding only and it means that they are paying approximately £10 000 a year less than they would in an independent boarding school.

The cost of a boarding school differs from school to school according to the quality of the facilities the school provides, but costs start at about £8 000 per year.

There are some regulations related to applying to a state boarding school. Students studying at these schools must be citizens of the UK, the EU, Norway, Liechtenstein or Switzerland. Holders of a British Passport who live abroad and students with a `Right of residence Britain can also apply.

There are around 37 state boarding schools in the UK. Although most schools accept students aged between 11 & 18 years old, there is one school that accepts students aged between 13 & 18. There are two schools offering both Primary boarding and Secondary boarding. There is one school which accepts students aged between 11 & 16. Many of them are co-ed schools but some of them provide only single-sex boarding facilities.

There are many good reasons for children to go to a state boarding school.

The children are away from their parents as they are boarding at the school, but they are not alone since they always have the support of the professional teaching staff. As a result they are likely to gain in self-confidence, self-esteem, critical thinking and problem solving skills which will accelerate their learning at an early age.

Secondly, at a state boarding school the children are always in a social environment, improving their social skills at a faster rate that they would is they had stayed at home. There are plenty of social activities, such as social clubs for music, sports, foreign languages and other facilities which help the children to socialize more.

As communications and social skills are essential in modern life, children who have studied at state boarding schools will definitely not get lost in the crowd in the future.

Thirdly, state boarding schools are the best choice for parents who work long hours or travel a lot as a requirement of their job. Sending their children to one of these schools is the best alternative for them as their children can enjoy a quality education, be with other children of the same age and develop their personality in a caring environment.

For admissions in any September applications must be completed from the previous September onwards. There is a national closing date which is the end of October for applicants aged over 11. For applicants who are 11 years old, there is a Common Admission Date which is the 1st March preceding the September entry. Successful applicants are informed on this date.

If you have any questions or would like more information about UK State School  please email to office@interconuk.org Our Consultant will contact you shortly.




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